Shore-based firefighters showed up to help quell the blaze, but Holtorf saw that his ship was so badly damaged it was pointless to keep the crew aboard. Norge and, eidsvold, both 40-year-old tubs armed with.3-inch gunsprepared to sail. The British sent another destroyer, HMS Bedouin, and the cruiser Penelope to probe the Narvik fjord to find out what had happened. My last sentence was this: Es war der Beginn eines neuen Zeitalters der Luftfahrtgeschichte, or

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It was the beginning of a new epoch in aviation. The British ship took an uncontrollable turn to starboard and collided with Hunter s amidships engine room. He altered course away from the shore and back toward the enemy. Norway in general and Narvik in particular had been central to Allied and German strategic planning since the outbreak of war.

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They spotted British ships in the distance and returned to Narvik. As the British warships cleared the fjord, they ran smack into the German supply ship Rauenfels, which was just entering harbor. Now the British showed determination. The action opened on April 12 at 6 pm, when nine British Fairey Swordfish from Furious swooped in to divebomb the German destroyers. It was time for Wolf to leave the battle to others, and he withdrew. Norge s skipper was not sure if the two oncoming destroyers were British or German, so he held his fire for a few minutes.

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At about the massage coquin orleans south frontenac same time further hits were sustained on the W/T office, the bridge and the after superstructure. The naval action at Narvik in the spring of 1940 resulted in one of the few British victories in Scandinavia during the early months of World War. He remembered me from about six months earlier when I had a memorable crash landing in a burning Me-109 at Maikop. Krupinski: meilleur site de rencontre sexe site de rencontre de cul Oh, the same as most of the others in the. After the war, Krupinski worked closely with Organization Gehlen (the West German Secret Service with the United States and Royal air forces in the emerging North Atlantic Treaty Organization (nato and later as a coordinator and leader in the new. You alone can judge whether in these circumstances attack should be made. Such assessments lay in the future as Warspite checked her fire and began the withdrawal. Bey, now the senior German naval officer with Bonte killed, did not know what had happened in Narvik, only that Wilhelm Heidkamp was sunk and Bonte killed. Je reconnais que j'ai toujours été très sceptique avec les sites de voyages qui recommandent des lieux culturels, touristiques, etc. I recently visited Braunsberg, where the family had lived from 1933 to 1945, and found that it has changed little since I was last there. The British destroyers regrouped and steamed back into the harbor in a line-ahead formation at 20 knots to avoid enemy torpedoes and circled in a counter-clockwise direction while raking all observed targets in the harbor with their guns. We could not fly, and when we could it was hard to know how to get back unless you flew totally on instruments, and landings were more hazardous than combat. We had many such missions, but we also ran into American fighters. He was the best friend any of us had, and a true patriot and leader. MH: Could you tell us who Gehlen was? Tall columns of smoke soon marked the positions where the big German destroyers had met their end, and we passed quite close to one beached or burning wreck after another. With the gunnery officer lying momentarily stunned on the deck, the fire-signaller ordered rapid fire on his own initiative. The two German destroyers ordered to break out did so at 8:40. We all had the same experience, but not just during that winter. Racing down the line of his own ships, Courage saw that Hotspur was out of control and Hunter was burning from bow to stern and losing speed. Krupinski: Only once, when I was awarded the Eichenlaub Oak Leaves to the Ritterkreuz Krupinskis score at that time was 177.

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  • René Fonck Highest Scoring Allied Ace, 75 kills.
  • By Stephen Sherman, Aug.
  • 2001.Updated April 15, 2012.

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