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La possibilité de sauvegarder des brouillons de démarches en ligne. 3, javert is moderately educated; Hugo observes: "In his leisure moments. Now, Javert can be justified neither in letting Valjean go nor in arresting him. Madeleine also antagonizes Javert by dismissing his attempt to arrest Fantine, a prostitute detained for having a violent row with a street idler. Javert decides to denounce Valjean as an ex-convict, but learns from Parisian authorities that they have already

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arrested someone who calls himself Champmathieu whom they believe is really Valjean and whom several former convicts have already identified as Valjean. Part Three: Marius edit In 1832, Javert chances to meet Valjean once more while leading a squad of policemen in the capture of a gang which had been terrorizing Paris for years: Patron-Minette. Years later, in 1823, Valjean is living under the name Monsieur Madeleine and serving as the mayor of a small town identified only as Montreuil-sur-Mer, where he is a successful manufacturer. 11 References edit "Les Misérables/Tome 4/Livre 12 - Wikisource".

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Javert suspects Madeleine's true identity and becomes convinced of it when he watches Madeleine demonstrate extraordinary strength by lifting a loaded cart off of a man trapped beneath. Multiple sexual harassment claims were brought against Raphael Mutiku, who was responsible for installing water supplies on the Caribbean island after the earthquake. When Marius sees the gang capturing Valjean, he informs the police of the crime, and is introduced to inspector Javert, who gives him two pistols to fire a signal for when he and his team should enter the building. As the army storms the barricade, Valjean manages to grab the badly wounded Marius and dives into a sewer, where he wanders with Marius on his shoulders, despairing of finding an exit. Javert arrived in 1820 to serve as an inspector with the local police. 'His decision making was therefore compromised.

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